"The Hospitality
and Information Service"

It begins with a welcome...

A simple seven-letter word, often accompanied by a smile, a handshake, and an open door. But it is so much more than a word — it is an ethic, a spirit, a commitment. It is an acknowledgement that Citizen Diplomacy and a mutual understanding among nations is vital to peace, tolerance, prosperity, and stability in the world.

"Where there is friendship, there is our natural soil." —Voltaire

Combined Federal Campaign Amazon Smile
Vice President Joe Biden at the Fiftieth Anniversary of THIS for Diplomats.
Diplomats and THIS Volunteers enjoying lunch after a tour of the National Archives.
Diplomats and THIS Volunteers enjoying a Behind the Scenes Tour of Nationals Ballpark.
Diplomats and Volunteers at THIS' 2nd Annual Glen Echo Family day.
Diplomats and Volunteers at the Embassy of Kazakhstan.
THIS' New Diplomat Welcome.
21 diplomats from 12 countries learned how versatile a scarf can be when one of our volunteers demonstrated unique ways to tie a scarf.
Diplomats and Volunteers during a tour of Gettysburg.
Diplomats and Volunteers at the Arabic Culture Exchange Group.
The Japanese Conversation and Cultural Exchange Group celebrating an outstanding year of fun-filled events and wonderful friendships!


THIS for Diplomats is a window that opens Washington for us and lets us experience and know it.

Diplomat from Brazil

Allow us to congratulate the outstanding performance of THIS and express our satisfaction and delight for the opportunity of serving in a country that excels in promoting social and cultural exchange among the nations of the world.

Diplomat from Brazil

I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed this year with THIS. The programs have been more than informative: They were also warm and stimulating, and left me feeling both admiration and affection for the United States.

Diplomat from Estonia

THIS for Diplomats is a wonderful vehicle by which the best of America is portrayed. Such an organization can only be an influential force for good.

Diplomat from Great Britain