About THIS

Description & Mission

THIS (pronounced T-H-I-S) for Diplomats, The Hospitality and Information Service, was organized in 1961 at the request of the State Department to welcome diplomats posted in Washington DC.

THIS offers eight different cultural exchanges and presents programs which are useful both personally and professionally. Our 250 volunteers organize "insider tours" to democratic institutions and historical landmarks, cultural events and the opportunity to freely exchange ideas and information with distinguished speakers on topics of worldwide concern.

All the endeavors of THIS are designed to fulfill our Mission:

"To promote international understanding and friendship through educational, informational and cultural exchanges with members of the diplomatic community in Washington, DC."

This mission springs from our core belief in the power of Citizen Diplomacy - that is the building of understanding and personal relationships between ordinary individuals from different cultures. In President Dwight D. Eisenhower's words, "If only people will get together, then so eventually will nations."   


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