About THIS


Executive Committee

Adele Siegmund, President

Peggy Letter, Vice President of Programs

Lashley Wolf, Vice President of Cultural Exchanges

Linda Wildes, Corresponding Secretary

Denise Taylor, Treasurer 

Scoti Albrecht, Member-at-Large

Nancy Coyle, Member-at-Large

Susan Sherman, Member-at-Large

Carol Younger, Member-at-Large

Madge Palumbo, Bylaws Chair

Lexie Ellis, Embassy Liaison Chair

Joan Keston, Nominating Chair

Carol Bradford, Public Relations Chair

Gail Roache, Public Relations Co-Chair

Harriet Kelman, Volunteers Chair 

Mimi Kolesar, Development Chair

Liz Klass, Past President 


Office Staff

Program Manager- Rebecca Brown
Executive Assistant- Safa Qureshi