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Spring 2019 New Diplomat Welcome Speaker

April 16, 2019
Speaker: Isabel Constantino

Spring 2019 New Diplomat Welcome Speaker


THIS for Diplomats was fortunate to have a superb guest speaker – Isabel Constantino at the New Diplomat Welcome who talked about the challenges she faced when first coming to Washington DC as a diplomatic spouse and how THIS helped her adjust and meet friends from the US and from other countries.

We were honored by the tribute she shared, which is summarized below:

“My first contact with THIS was at the African American museum of history and culture. There, I was introduced to the Virginia cultural exchange group. Soon I started to attend the meetings. I was warmly welcomed and enjoyed meeting all the ladies.

“Because it’s a big challenge to initiate new friendships when we first come to a place like Washington DC, there is a great need for others to come alongside and help get relationships started.

“THIS cultural exchange groups give diplomats the opportunity to meet not only their peers from other countries but also gives them the opportunity to meet ladies from the American culture. I would say THIS organization is like an open door for
diplomats, helping them establish a connection with a different culture, and helping to build friendships that can last forever.

“During my 4 years here, I was able to attend many events and was supported by THIS volunteers, with transportation to go to the meetings. For that, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for all the kindnesses they showed and for the time they took to help me enjoy my stay here.

“As a result of being involved with various groups and outings, I found my time in the diplomatic community in Washington DC was a very positive experience. I spent a wonderful time discovering all the beauty of this city and was able to enjoy every single activity I could attend.

“We don’t need to agree on everything or be alike to enjoy each other’s company. At the same time, I am building memories that will be with me forever. With the support of THIS, my time in Washington has been a very important page of my life.

“Diplomacy is about communication and relationships. These groups give you the chance to share the things that are unique about your own culture and tell the history of your country. Get involved and enjoy.”

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