As Canadians, we were somewhat familiar with US culture, traditions, and holiday customs before we got here. And as English Canadians we not only spoke the same language, but to some degree and in some parts of the country, shared the accent as well. One would think that I would have little need of an organization like THIS- an organization dedicated to helping diplomats from around the world to feel at home in Washington DC. And that impression would have been wrong.

I consider myself to have been supremely fortunate to have had the chance to live here in the DC area for several years, but I know that I would not have seen as much or done as much, and I certainly would not have had as much fun, had I not accepted that first invitation to a THIS coffee. To new diplomats, I say- enjoy. Participate in everything you have time for. And to the volunteers I say thank you- from me and all the diplomats you have welcomed so warmly over the years.
— Diplomat from Canada
I would like to thank THIS for having me as a member throughout my stay in the US for 4 1/2 years. It has been such a great experience for me to join THIS activity and feeling welcome here. I was a little nervous in the first few meetings, but slowly with warm friendship that volunteers and other diplomats offered made me comfortable and enjoyed every meetings and interactions. The food that we shared on the table every time we met brought us together no matter where we come from. I learnt local cultures from THIS such as thanksgiving day, Halloween, and Christmast. I hope THIS will continue to support diplomats in future. Being in the US and in THIS in particular is another chapter in my life that I will cherish forever. I hope our path will cross again somewhere oneday. Thank you ladies!
— Diplomat from Malaysia
THIS for Diplomats is a window that opens Washington for us and lets us experience and know it.
— Diplomat from Brazil
Allow us to congratulate the outstanding performance of THIS and express our satisfaction and delight for the opportunity of serving in a country that excels in promoting social and cultural exchange among the nations of the world.
— Diplomat from Brazil
I came here three years ago knowing nothing about this area. I attended a THIS welcoming reception at the beautiful Meridian House and met the wonderful THIS volunteers and other diplomats. Since then I have enjoyed getting to know many others in the language learning groups and we have shared our experiences of living with our families in Washington. Also, I have found empowering messages in the programs about AIDS and other concerns in the world and how we can help.
— Diplomat from China
The best thing that happened to me since I arrived in the U.S., was… THIS. The exchange of knowledge and information that… THIS provides is an important tool for each and every diplomat in Washington. The organized guided tours to different historical places were very informative. I learned a lot about the cultures of the other countries and shared with (others) ... knowledge from my own country. Every week I count down the days until the next ... [English Conversation and Cultural Exchange Group meeting]. While I am leaving Washington, D.C. I [am] thankful and grateful for the Hospitality and Information Service for giving me the opportunity to learn about American culture, and to have friends from different parts of the Universe.
— Diplomat from Sudan
I have always admired the work of THIS and the wonderful job you do in welcoming members of the diplomatic community to Washington.
— Alma Powell
I joined THIS for Diplomats when our family arrived in Washington DC from Indonesia in 2012. I enjoyed the Potomac Conversation Club and especially THIS Annual Family Day at Glen Echo Park in 2014. Not only we discover a fun park with its famous Carousel and Puppet Theater, we also learnt the history of American Red Cross from the Clara Barton house. I was also fortunate to be able to join THIS White House tour in 2015. It was a great present before going back to Indonesia at the end of February 2015. In the end, I am so grateful to THIS for Diplomats for its generous and insightful programs which are really helpful to Foreign Diplomatic families and make Washington DC as our second home.
— Diplomat from Indonesia
Thanks to great people like you, the understanding of Japan and Japanese culture as well as friendship among the foreign diplomats, American volunteers and Japanese diplomats have been deepened. I believe the friendly relationships among us will eventually lead to maintain good international relationships of our nations and we definitely play significant roles for it.
— Diplomat from Japan
THIS for Diplomats is a wonderful vehicle by which the best of America is portrayed. Such an organization can only be an influential force for good.
— Diplomat from Great Britain
THIS has been a home away from home for me due to the programs they offer that have helped me to quickly settle into Washington. The members have made themselves available and this has resulted in lasting friendships, which I will cherish the rest of my life.
— Diplomat from Kenya
After one year spent in your beautiful country, I wish to tell you that all THIS programs are beyond evaluation. Were it not for your wonderful services, it would have taken us years to get acquainted with the many varied aspects of your nation’s capital, be it cultural, social or vocational. We particularly enjoyed going to American homes and learning about your customs.
— Diplomat from Egypt
I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed this year with THIS. The programs have been more than informative: They were also warm and stimulating, and left me feeling both admiration and affection for the United States.
— Diplomat from Estonia
Through my three year diplomatic assignment in the Embassy of Belarus I took advantage of a number of opportunities to meet with THIS staff, volunteers and participate in THIS programs and events. The experience has not only been pleasant but also useful, both for me and for my family. Your organization has a unique sense of what is of interest to the diplomatic community, professionally and personally. Participating in THIS events made my stay in the Washington, DC area more enjoyable and diverse.
— Diplomat from Belarus