Volunteers of Excellence


These volunteers have gone above and beyond in their service. Some have volunteered for over five decades and others selflessly take on numerous leadership positions. Still others are true examples of how to best open one’s heart and home to our diplomatic community.

2009 - Denise Taylor

2010 - Tina Bailem, Diane Ecklund, Bea Fitch, and Marlene Futterman

2011 - Michaele Battles, Nan Coughlin, Phyllis Kaplan, and Jacqui Michel

2012 - Olivia Brown, Jane Buzalski, Carolyn Peacher, and Karen Russo

2013 - Norma Johnson, Mims Placke, Maureen Plevyak, and Ambrin Hyatt

2014 - Madge Palumbo, Karen Bopp, Liz Klass, Harriet Kelman, and Joan Keston

2015 - Beth Barnett, Jamie Harding, Gail Roache, and David Woods

2016 - Carol Bradford, Lexie Ellis, Betty Jones, and Mimi Kolesar

2017 - Elizabeth McPherson, Nancy Regan, Abeba Telahun, and Linda Wildes

2018 - Marie Gunn and Peggy Letter

2019 - Natalia Caryl, Jill Kent, Sarah Moss, and Seyoung Thomas