About Embassy Liaisons


The Role of Embassy Liaisons

Embassy liaisons act as a link between each embassy and THIS for Diplomats. Each liaison is assigned to one or more embassies and they often act as a diplomat’s first point of contact with THIS. They’re a great resource for information about THIS and they may just become your first friend in the organization!

The embassy liaisons have a hierarchical structure with individual country liaisons reporting to a regional chair who reports to the embassy liaison chair, who leads the committee.

Embassy Liaison Chair: Claudia Thurber

Regional Embassy Liaison Chairs

  • Africa: Elizabeth McPherson

  • Caribbean: Lexie Ellis

  • East Asia and Pacific: Scoti Albrecht

  • Eurasia and Eastern Europe: Ruth Krosin

  • Latin America: Bea Fitch

  • Near East: Abeba Telahun

  • South and Central Asia:

  • Western Europe: Lexie Ellis

  • Military (Air, Defense, Navy, Army) Attache Liaison: Lori Borgna-Strong

Please contact us at this@thisfordiplomats.org if you would like to reach out to the embassy liaison for your country.