Description & Mission


THIS for Diplomats (THIS) was organized in 1961 at the request of the U.S. Department of State to welcome and assist diplomatic families posted to Washington, DC. THIS provides outreach by organizing regularly scheduled Cultural Exchange Groups hosted in volunteers’ homes, programs that include private group tours to historical landmarks and local points of interest, and events featuring distinguished speakers.

The organization is comprised of over 220 volunteers, who speak 32 languages and have lived in 88 countries, and two full time staff. In the last three years volunteers have given more than 40,000 hours and over $150,000 of in-kind and cash donations in support of visiting diplomatic families. 

All the endeavors of THIS are designed to fulfill our Mission:

To promote international understanding and friendship through educational, informational and cultural exchanges with members of the diplomatic community in Washington, DC.

We believe in the power of Citizen Diplomacy - that a mutual understanding among nations is vital to peace, tolerance, prosperity and stability in the world.

“If only people will get together, then so, eventually will nations.”
President Dwight D. Eisenhower

The core group of Embassy Liaisons provides outreach to the 192 recognized embassies and missions in Washington, DC.  Monthly newsletters and bi-monthly calendars of events, which can be translated into 90 languages, are distributed  to more than 2,500 diplomats and their family members.  THIS for Diplomats is well respected and appreciated among members of the diplomatic community.  Many of our events are held at or sponsored by embassies.